Online Poster Making Workshop

Designing to Heal

Poster House and Isometric Studio partnered for a series of virtual poster making workshops. Designers of all ages and skill backgrounds were invited to participate and create posters using whatever digital and physical tools they had available at home.

In the first workshop, we used our time together to create posters of appreciation and support for medical professionals and “essential workers.” These community members are at the frontlines of the coronavirus crisis, but they are not alone in this fight. Designers of all levels shared their work with Poster House and Isometric during the live event, and afterwards through Instagram and Google Forms.

In the second iteration, we created posters about the climate crisis. While most of the world stays home, we’ve seen some heartwarming stories of wildlife returning to areas they haven’t been spotted at in decades and reduction in local air pollution levels—but what will happen when the world starts to reopen? Participants were invited to design posters that draw attention to this urgent issue. Again, designers shared their work with Poster House and Isometric during the live event, and afterwards through Instagram and Google Forms.

Part 1

Part 2

Posters | Part 1

illustrational poster of a colorful groceries inside of a thank you shopping bag

Taylor Axtmann

type-based poster with the text to stay home you need a home inside of illustrated buildings

Ingrid Bergstrom Nilsson Gatansrum

illustrational poster of a chain with stars overlapping vertical bars and the words Homebodies Unite

September Banks

illustrational poster with circular white blotches and the words One Nation Indivisible against a red background

Shanti Basu

poster of a N95 mask almost completely covering the words Stop The Spread

Leslie Carol

illustrational poster of ocean waves along with the text The Beach Will Always Be There

Mihoshi F. Clark

PSA poster directing people to call their moms stay home and thank essential workers

Jean Colangelo

type-based poster of various words framing and circulating a stethoscope

Patricia Childers

type-based poster thanking frontline and essential workers

Loren DePalma

type-based poster with the text essential workers essential pay and a combined heart and dollar symbol

Juliano Domingues

illustrative PSA poster of three colored figures with the text two thirds of frontline workers are women

Ashley Epping

type-based poster of horizontal black text saying essential work equals essential pay against a purple background

Amy Fang

silhouette of a masked girl in profile holding a dandelion and the text stop the spread

Johanna Goldfeld

illustrational poster of a simple figure looking out of a window

Rabeya Jawaid

type-based poster that states this is what you need to be a hero: stay home. save lives. With picture of a couch

Stefon Kelly

poster with the text hands together for essential workers everyday at seven over an image of clapping hands

Derek Koch

illustrative poster from the Designing To Heal workshop of two silhouetted hands overlapping and the text we and you

Carolina Madrigal

type-based poster with the text make space share distance and bathroom figures for people

Erkin Ozberk

type-based poster from Designing To Heal workshop that says I heart essential workers

Karla Perez

type-based poster with the words Socializing may kill in a white border against a black background

Martin Pohlmann

type-based poster stating a sunbeam is the sun, a wave is the ocean, and you are everyone

Carly Reeves

illustrational of an upside down pair of leaves resembling a pair of lungs with the words Breathe With All Health Workers On Earth

Ragnhild Sandelius Brodow

type-based PSA poster with text and ASL signing that thanks essential workers for doing their part

Hayley Sawyer

illustrative poster of a masked woman holding her baby with text above her saying this is not the flu

Alexis Ward

illustrational poster of a stethoscope that forms a face along with the words help keep them safe

Valérie Yobé

Posters | Part 2

A type-based poster with three columns of black Chinese text on a white background. Each column is labeled 2010, 2020, or 2030.

Mihoshi F. Clark

Illustrational poster of a rock on a plate against orange text and a red background.

Jennifeer Flores

Illustrational poster titled

Sara Georgas

Photomontage and poster of a dollar bill bent in half against a gridded green background, titled,

Bob Goldstein

Composition of a bandaid laid over an aerial photograph of trees, dirt road, and field of soil. White text layered over the image,

Carolina Madrigal

Illustrational PSA poster of a red figurine laying on the floor reading and its bent legs create a curve.

Kanaka Raghavan

Illustrative poster of an eye. Black text against a white background:

Adrian Volz

illustrative poster of a green hillside with houses. It is titled at the top,

Darren Wright

Illustrative poster filled with rows of colorful bees, lady bugs, and trees. Groups of symbols have been highlighted black, creating a frown face, and the text says,

Shuang Wu

An illustrative poster of plastic utensils, bottle caps, and pieces in different colors. The plastic pieces are labeled,

Ying Ye