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Posters are fun, approachable content for museum-goers of all ages! Bring your class to Poster House for an in-person field trip or book a virtual program. Our tours are interactive, inquiry-based, design-focused experiences tailored to curricular goals and scaffolded for all grade levels. Poster House tours are also supportive of the NYC DOE Blueprint Standards for Teaching and Learning in the Visual Arts and other curricular guidelines.

Experience one of our on-site exhibitions, choose from our list of virtual tours, or contact us to discuss creating a custom tour based on a specific area of interest or curricular connection. At this time, self-guided group tours are not permitted at Poster House.

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Poster House offers 60-minute tours or 90-minute tours + workshops focusing on one of our current exhibitions. 

$150Virtual Tour
$175Virtual Tour + Workshop
$250In-Person Tour
$275In-Person Tour + Workshop

Financial support is available. Please contact education@posterhouse.org for more information.

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Poster House admission is always free for kids under the age of 18 visiting with their family!

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Kids & Families

Are you a parent looking for ways for your family to engage with Poster House outside the classroom? Check out our Kids & Families section for more information!


In this interdisciplinary K-12 residency program, schools will have the opportunity to partner with Poster House on a series of workshops that take place both in school and at the museum, and culminate in a special event. Students will learn about the history of posters, how to break down and investigate their meaning, and the different processes that are used to create them. Students will then have the opportunity to use the skills they have learned to design their own posters and visual ephemera. They will reflect on art and design as a form of activism, and create posters that communicate an issue they are passionate about. 

These hands-on, inquiry based sessions align with the NYC DOE Blueprint Standards for Teaching and Learning in the Visual Arts, Social Studies Scope & Sequence, and Civics for All Curriculum. This residency program is available for grades K-12, and Poster House staff can work with you to customize the experience for your students and curriculum needs. 

Residencies begin at $2,500. Financial support is available.
Please contact us at education@posterhouse.org to get started.

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